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Unvented Cylinders / Megaflow


Megaflo is a brand of Unvented Cylinder, manufactured by Heatrae Sadia. They are constructed from duplex stainless steel and offers superior resistance to corrosion, especially in aggressive water areas. Every unit is pressure tested in the factory to 15 bar – five times the normal operating pressure – making Megaflo eco suitable for all domestic and commercial applications.


Megaflo offers very fast heat recovery times and deliver superb flow rates of up to 72 litres per minute, making it ideally suited to a wide variety of applications.


The cylinders are insulated with a 60mm thick void-free layer of high-performance polyurethane foam. This fills the space between the inner vessel and outer casing for maximum insulation efficiency and compliancy with future European-wide legislation.


Megaflo Features:
– Higher flow rates for efficient hot water delivery
– High performance showering throughout the home and fast-filling baths
– Constructed in Duplex stainless steel for maximum strength – pressure tested to 15 bar.
– Patented internal floating baffle system to accommodate water expansion.
– No anode – eliminates costly anode maintenance.
– Insulated casing for the temperature and pressure relief valve to minimise heat loss.
– Unique long-life Superloy immersion heater reaches deeper into the tank giving more hot water.
– Titanium immersion heaters as standard on all direct models
– Patented cold water inlet diffuser minimises mixing of cold and hot water.
– High performance ‘coil-in-coil’ heat exchanger.
– Exceeds CHeSS* Best Practice for recovery times and insulation.
– Improved insulation for maximum heat retention.
– New water inlet controls increase flow rates by up to 20%.
– Improved performance at low pressures down to 1 bar.
– Installer friendly design.
– Complies with European User Products Directive.
– Lifetime transferable cylinder guarantee.
– Made in the UK.


Megaflo Dimensions

As a guide, the diameter of a standard Megaflo Eco cylinder is 579mm, and the height varies according to the storage volume. For example, a 145 litre cylinder is 1229mm, and a 210 litre (popular size for a medium sized house) is 1486mm.

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