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What is a Which? Trusted Trader?

All traders are required to go through a rigorous 6 step examination to ensure they meet the independent, not-for-profit’s high standards.

  1. Credit check – Validate the financial health and stability of the business.

  2. References – Customer reference checks, chosen at random by the Which? team

  3. Business procedures – A thorough examination of business and administrative procedures.

  4. Interview and assessment – In-person interview by a Which? assessor.

  5. Code of Conduct – The business agrees to abide by the Code of Conduct.

  6. Endorsed trader – The trader now finally becomes an endorsed Which? Trusted trader.

What are the benefits to you the customer?

The customer has the assurance that you are dealing with a reputable and customer-focused company. If the company isn’t up to scratch, it’s easy to get in contact with Which? and inform them that their trader wasn’t up to the required standard.

In addition, many companies that apply are denied Trusted Trader status so you can be sure those who achieve it are the best in the business.

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