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Professional Radiator Installation


At Barton Plumbing and Heating we have the expertise to deal with all your radiator installation requirements – including multiple fitting, one-off replacements and radiator repairs.


We have the know-how to install a brand new radiator or towel rail and all the necessary pipework into a room or wall space which currently doesn’t have one. We can offer advice and recommendations regarding the best way to control your new radiator installation using additional accessories such as Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs), which can help you to optimise your central heating’s performance and save you money on your fuel bills in the long term.


We offer an impressive range of radiators from top brands, who are recognised for providing the finest and most efficient range of radiators in the UK. So whether you need to add something to your existing central heating system or are simply looking for replacement radiators, we are on hand to assist with a radiator installation service which is second to none.

Copper Column Radiator installed by barton plumbing and heating in Wilmslow
Convector radiator installed by barton plumbing and heating in Wilmslow
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